Thursday, 3 February 2011

Ivanchuck says tournament too weak!

Perhaps you might interpret the following comments differently but that was my understanding of it. Well as promised I have had too much Red Wine, it is now way past 6am  and I thought I had better post this report before I thought better of it. The success of this tournament can be attributed to two factors in my opinion and they are the high prizemoney and the amount of Beautiful Women who are invite to play. You can find all the Prizewinners on the official site but here at Doubleroo we want to bring you the Politically Incorrect view and my winner for 2011 for the most Beautiful competitor is Lateefah
Unfortunately my own Phone- Camera was not up to the task so I had to "borrow this one from the site.
Next Year the Organizers promised to bring Judit Polgar and possibly the Queen as it is her Jubilee or something. Victor the terrible won the Senior prize which I am partly to blame for. He received the loudest Ovation of the evening and a standing one at that. 
I unfortunately will probably not be able to play next year because of the Queenstown tournament but maybe 2013 if my Liver doesn't Rebel against all the Wine. 
Hasta Manjana Amigo's, better get some Sleep, Malaga tomorrow. Well today, Actually in a few hours. 


  1. Well, there are just some people you don't want to lose against... as you know they'll be gloating afterwards

  2. I am one of those People :-) but I try not to do it in front of my opponent.

  3. Funny that Ariane would post a rant on a website that so flagrantly commits one of the crimes against women players she rants against...