Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Capa Round 7

I didn't get out today so I only have a game for you. I was playing a Nicaraguan IM today and we had a bit of a wild game in which I got a nice advantage out of the opening but then got greedy, grabbed an exchange and then nearly got myself mated. So a draw was a fair result.

I guess I cant let you non-chessplayers suffer without a pic or two can I. Here are two more from the
 Gaudi-like Gardens

There were these charming little walkways everywhere, a bit squeezy though :-) 

And a stone hut with stone tables and chairs.

I just found out why my pictures have been taking ages to load and it is not the fault of the connection but the @#$%^& Bill Gates and his @#$%^& automatic updates cleverly hidden under hidden icons. Since this is a family blog I will not write what I suggest he does with them.

Have a nice day all.....except Bill.

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