Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Capablanca Memorial first round and Santa Maria.

I should have played Nd5 instead of f5 of course but thought I could win without further risk. Gutless chicken. Oh well. it will get better I hope. Not a fascinating game but to make up for it

I will show you some more pics. Santa Maria is 5km north-west of Guanabo and is much cleaner but also more boring. A typical tourist beach resort but if you are not an Aussie you will like it.

Rent a Catamaran if you like

or get a suntan  next to a bunker similar to the ones in the Medoc. 

the Police are a welcome presence here as well.

And of course a taxi patiently waiting to take us back to Guanabo. 

I will have to show you more interesting games or else take some good pics of Havana. Btw, this evening I met my musician friends at a bar around the the corner again and they promised to show me some good places to listen to great Cuban music so stay tuned :-)

Hasta manjana amigoes. 

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