Friday, 13 May 2011

Opening ceremony and Rounds 2+3

Blogger didn't let me in yesterday so I will now catch up. The song and dance at the opening ceremony was really first class. The event as very popular as is everything to do with chess here in Cuba so I struggled to get a good spot. Please excuse the video quality.

Less thought seems to have gone into the rest of the tournament. The conditions for the elite group are just hilarious. Some of the worlds best players are playing next to the swimming pool and the hotels main phone exchange which rings all the time. I have also heard several mobiles go off from the throng of spectators. Not Wijk aan zee, that's for sure. Here is the official site.

The open reminds me of chess tournaments in Australia except much stronger. As you can see there is very little room between the boards, it's very hot and today my neighbour stood up too fast and sent all the pieces flying. Tablecloth. I need some sort of excuse for how I am playing. Please do not feel obliged to play through these next games unless you are looking for a laugh. In the first game I just blundered a piece overlooking that after g5, Qh5 my knight is no longer covering f4

And today it got worse. All credit to my opponent for playing well early on but when she played h4 allowing Qh3 and mate I really should have seen it.

 Oh well, I still have the sights.

Just outside the hotel I spotted this beautiful convertible.

As you see I have a new name, new country AND I have become an athlete :-) Well that's all for today folks, wish me luck for the coming rounds, I obviously need it.

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