Friday, 24 June 2011

Vendenesse sur Arroux

The Arroux is river in Burgundy and Vendenesse is a tiny little town along it's bank. My daughter Nina lives and goes to school here. Children can start school (maternel) at the age of 2 in France. Apart from reading, writing, maths, art and music they also have an organic vegetable garden.

The children also get to eat the organic vegetables they grow

This is the insect house which is used to teach the kids about nature.

Nina's classroom.

A classroom with a view!

The library bus came today. Nina seems happy with her new booty.

Just outside school

Just behind the school is a nice park the kids can play in.

Of course even a tiny village must have a huge church.

The town hall

On the other side of the river there is a nice little park with a flower and veggie garden in the shape of a cane basket.

And a playground that even big kids like Francoise (Nina's mother) can enjoy

And little kids of course :-)

Little schools like these are being threatened, as this one was recently, by Sarkozy's budget cuts. The parents had to fight to keep it. This little egotistical fascist does not consider the education of French children as important as bombing Libyan children. Priorities.

Returning to more pleasant thoughts, here is a sculpture near another park. I will take you another time.

Finally a few pictures a little up the road where little kids can swim safely

And one more

Training for the Circus :-)

Good night all, see you in Naujac.

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  1. Great to see MIssy Nina growing so tall and healthy ! France looks lovely, organics an flowers. PErfect. Nice that the tournie is in Nin's town !!
    Keep em coming !!
    love and safe journeys,