Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wine Open Rounds 1-4

Sorry but I have been too lazy to post these before now. Seeing many old friends and drinking inadvisable amounts of red wine have made it difficult to get online. Yesterday was the dreaded double round so today is really the first morning with a few hours free. In the first round I tried what I will call the "Chapman variation" because I don't know any better.  

To play the top seed with black already in the second round was unexpected but due to accelerated pairings. Here in France the new fashion is to accelerate the first 7 (!!) rounds.  

I think I missed a good opportunity to stay on 100% but the young man defended well.This was a funny game, worth a look. Are the knights on d6 and b6 strong or weak?

The afternoon round was a bit less exciting.

I've got a tough game today again but at least there is time to go to the beach for a swim first today. Perhaps I'll even take some pictures :-)


  1. Are there any links to a description of the pairing scheme anywhere? It looks as if there are a couple of wild cards keeping pace with the IMs and GMs at the top without having to play them. Is 2 rounds going to be enough to keep them out of the top places?

  2. You can probably find the rules on the French Chess Federation website. It is used quite often here I'm told. It apparently increases norm-chances