Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Open de Vins, 3+4, the dreaded double round.

Got away with it yesterday although the morning game was anything but easy. I was playing a friend, Benjamin "Mienke" Zickelbein from Hamburg. The whole family plays chess and his sister Eva is a WIM while dad organises a chess club in Hamburg. I visited a few years ago to play in the Hamburg open.

Mienke presenting German architecture.

The game was a typical morning round, for me anyway. After white blundered early, allowing me to capture the black squared bishop and double his pawns, I then started to get "creative" {play crap}placing a rook on e3 where I then had to squirm not to lose it. Anyway, after many adventures I got an undeserved point. 

Here is another Bunker Art photo for you that we took on our walk the sunny day before our game. It has been overcast and raining since so I have to use the photo's from a few days ago.

My afternoon game was much easier. My opponent did not feel the urge at any stage to play an active move and just got crushed. Not great viewing unless you have a sadistic streak but it is short.

From now on it's a game a day. Hopefully the weather will improve so I can show you more of the area. Have a nice day :-)

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