Friday, 5 July 2013

Open de Vins rounds 5 + 6

We have been experiencing some technical difficulties with the Internet connection this being the countryside. There are three different nets and they sometimes work at different times, sometimes all and sometimes none, so you can see chess players walking around like zombies, staring at their mobile devices looking for a connection. I am one of them.

The kids have no such problems, happily playing on the beach or taking the paddle-boat for a spin. The pizzeria in the middle of the lake is new. On the first night we did a oven-testing/pizza-testing and it passed with flying colours.

My last two games were against promising youngsters. Both allowed systems I knew better and both got a bit too creative. Julian's 12. gh3 was a bit too imaginative.

Thomas Bonn was looking for complication trying to trick an old man { :-) } by his own admission. A good plan but he needed to go about it a bit more slowly. Not recapturing on f5 was really the fatal mistake. He was rightly worried about c5, Qb3 check etc but its better than letting me keep the f5 pawn.

So I'm going into today's round in clear second on 5/6, half a point behind a young Dutch player, IM Paul Velten. We play today. Can you feel the excitement? 

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  1. How about doing a chess Gabriel Gate, and give the public a " Taste du Vin?"