Monday, 1 July 2013

Open de Vins, Naujac sur Mer

After missing last years tournament I was happy to return to my favourite tournament. The winner gets his/her weight in fine Bordeaux wine. It also flows freely throughout the event and accompanies amazing food. Over the course of the next week I will be showing you a lot of the reasons I love it so much here. Today I want to show you the beach at Le Pin Sec, or in English,

The Dry Pine Beach

The Germans built bunkers here during WW2 , which have been converted to canvasses by local artists. Their height and position changes every year depending on the movement of the sand, storms and currents not to mention artistic additions. Previous years can be found on this blog here.

This one below is brand new.

I hadn't seen the pirate before either.

This is the local surf school holding theoretical lessons.

The tournament hall.

Now finally to my game. My opponent had not had time to prepare and seemed unfamiliar with the Cozio variation. By about move twenty his position was crumbling and he had no time left. A nice way, for me at least, to start the tournament.

As a reward I get the top seed, Indian GM Das Arghyadip.
Stay tuned for more from the Medoc :-)

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