Saturday, 6 July 2013

Open de Vins round 7

Lets go crazy !!

Another crazy game today. We both promoted two pawns each with kings running around without protection. Somehow a draw resulted. Again, the spectators were thrilled. I had a sizeable advantage in the middlegame but the ending could have turned out worse. Both of us missed that recapturing, 49...Rd8 was not necessary. Just pushing h2 wins, the point being that after Rh7, Rc3, h3 wins. Oops.

So I remain in second and play the number two seed, Ilya Zaragatski tomorrow, thankfully at 5pm. Today's round was early, 2.30 pm, to accommodate the barbeque. Here are some of the nations represented in this most- international BBQ.

International table
French table {locals}

German table

Other photo's coming as soon as the connection improves :-) Now a little girl is asking me to teach her how to swim :-)

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