Thursday, 9 January 2014

Australian Championship round 9

Well today was one blunder too many. My first inaccuracy came on move 21. It would have been better to retreat the Knight to g8 so as to be able to defend f5 from e7. I didn't think it made a difference as I was intending to play 23....Nf6 anyway. I saw I win a rook but not that I get mated if I take it. I didn't double check so got what I deserved. Details matter

It was a day of surprises, the main ones being Max Illingworth beating GM Vasily Papin and Igor Bjelobrk inflicting Bobby Cheng's second defeat in a row on him. It's getting very tight at the top. Pity not to be amongst it :-(

Anyway, there is always the next Australian Championship, if the rumour is wrong that it is under consideration to abandon it altogether in favour of an Open every year.

Two rounds to go, damage control :-)

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