Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Australian Chess Championship round 8

It has been raining or overcast until today so when we saw the sun shining in the morning we decided to do some sightseeing. The closest beach to us is about 15 minutes drive away. We drove we saw and David had some Zombie Guts. I just found out today that an ice cream goes by that name. He prefers it to the Zombie Snot. Apparently the snot is slimy. Imagine that.

David Liu and his Grandmother below checking out the boats.

And a nice beach.

A nice place to take a relaxing walk before the game.

The game was full of drama just as our game in New Zealand a few months ago. 15.Qe4 was too "optimistic" {blunder}. Ne4 or Nh2 are normal typical KIA moves as pointed out by IM Mark Chapman. So after a long fairly forcing sequence Luke had to decide how to recapture on f7. Luke played Rbf7 while I thought Rff7 was best. During the post-mortem we  joked that the computer will tell us Kf7 is best. Well guess what. Stockfish gives Kf7. 

29.Rb7 would have equalised again but instead I had to slime my way out of a pawn down ending that I feel is lost at some stage. 

Nite :-)

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