Saturday, 4 January 2014

Australian Chess Championship round 4

When it rains it pours. Gene has been a regular customer of mine but today he was not buying. I liked my position from the opening and tried to get too much out of the position. My first chance at a subatancial advantage came at move 12 when I should have played Bb5. This had occurred to me and I did not see a good reason for not playing it. 16.Ne4 allowed black to equalise. I then handled the position badly and then came 36.g3 is difficult to explain. Brainmelt?

To Trevor, my grapes are not sour, rather fermented, and prefer to be called Cabernet Sauvignon.

Tomorrow is the last day of double rounds. To recover from this ordeal, the day after we have a rest day. Chess addicts can play in the Australian Blitz Championship!

If you wish to see the rest of the tournament you can go to the official site of the Australian Chess Federation, ha ha, just kidding :-) Nothing there of course but luckily the organisers of the tournament had the foresight to make their own site. Enjoy :-).


  1. Thank you for the interesting information.

    Good luck/Happy newyear


    PS: Show 'em who is THE BOSS...

  2. The Australian championship is also broadcast at chessbomb with analysis on all games: