Friday, 3 January 2014

Australian Championship rounds 2+3

Today's games were entertaining if nothing else. I got a nice position from the opening in the morning but impulsively played 18.Qf3, the move I had planned against 17....f6, missing the simple 18....Be6. Instead 18.e6 should wrap up without counterplay. If Laurent had found 25...Kh8 with the idea 26. gh6 Be5!! or the computer suggestion 25....Rf8 instead of 25....hg6?? all three results would have been possible.

How did the white King survive? Ingenious defense 18.Kh2 and 30.Kf2 were truly inspired. Mind you the simple 26...cd6 would have deprived white of any counter-chances. Considering that it was a double round day I am not too disappointed, especially since either game could have turned sour.

Back to a 1pm game tomorrow. IM Guy West dropped in today and motivated me with a little adapted fortune cookie pearl.

A rolling Wohl gathers no loss :-)

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