Monday, 31 January 2011

Gibraltar Chess Congress 2011 Round 7

For some reason I am finding it difficult to sleep at a normal hour. 6.30 am is a bit ridiculous but I did spend a lot of time preparing because playing Black against a very strong and solid GM like Rainer Buhmann is never easy. We had a pleasant post-mortem after the Game and I found out that he too had prepared for me thoroughly. Naturally we were both out of our prep by move 4!

We finished just in time. Soon after the first time control the lights went out and stayed out for about an Hour at a guess. All the people still playing were treated to Dinner (Damn!) at the excellent Restaurant at the Caletta (Venue) but the delay led to the Cancellation of the Masterclass with Michael Adams and Irena Krush, something I and many others were looking forward to. Hasta Manjana Amigo's

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