Friday, 20 May 2011

Round 9 and a few more pictures

Today I was a bit lazy I must admit. I did spend more than two hours preparing for my game but was naturally surprised in the opening. not nowing my way around I played a novelty early on, at least according to my database, and equalized easily. My opponent offered a draw on move 11 and I took it although I suspect black already has a microscopic advantage but 100 elo points more.  Since the game is not really worth looking at I am going to show you some photo's of Paseo de Havana.

Some guy on a Horse :-) These immortal words were spoken by my Portugese mate Luis Gallego when I asked him about a similar statue in his home town of Porto.

The middle of the Paseo. As you can see the trees are in Bloom. Is there a Botanist out there who can tell me what they are?

A wonderfully restored Colonial house.

A house yet to be fully restored :-) See the tree on the first floor? Wait, here's a closer look

Nice no?

And finally a nice old Car

That's all for today folks, tomorrow is the last round at the civilized time of 3pm.


  1. Alex,
    I think the trees are jacaranda. ( Hock-a-randa). That's my guess anyway !! Play On my friend and thanks for letting us see !!