Tuesday, 12 July 2011

CONDOM rounds 1-4

Well folks, as advertised I am now in Condom and have finally found Internet but only one power-point (dead battery) so I will have to leave photo's for next time. Here are my first four games.

This game was easier than my first round. Mr Schurmans ran into a special variation which I first came up with against Hermann Van Riemsdijk in Queenstown, then improved upon against Eddi Levi and this is the latest interpretation. Not wasting time on Bg2 but playing c3+b4 immediately.

A good opening spoiled by atrocious technique and lack of concentration.

This is my second game in a short time against Thibault and this one went better than the 8th round in Naujac. He ran into the "Chapman" variation.

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