Sunday, 24 July 2011

Nina Wohl's first Art exhibition

Since the tournament in Condom I have had the pleasure of entertaining my daughter Nina. She is now on holidays and enjoying Germany. I am learning how to keep a four and a half year old occupied because if you don't they get bored and turn into little monsters.

The first days were quite easy because the weather was reasonable. Rowing on the Woerthsee is one fun activity. "Look a Pirate Ship"

The "Captain Bluebear"

Yelling "don't run through the puddle" didn't help much. Another lesson learnt. Always have a dry change of clothes in the car. The next lesson was to have paper and colours at home for rainy days, like the rest of the week. Here is some of her work.



"Train avec une Coffret"

"Jardin avec les Chevre et des Oiseau"


"Truc pour les animaux"



And lastly the Artist with her new friend and adviser Mimi. Any suggestions on other ways to entertain Nina are very welcome :-)

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  1. aLEX,HOW LOVELY TO see her paintings ! I love Lapin especially !!
    Planing seeds is fun especially raddished and carrots as they grow sooooooo fast. Even in a pot is good if you don't have any garden space.Fun to water and paint and watch grow. IS she having any reading yet ? A visit to the library is always fun and they might have childrens programs. Any local camps have day activities? YOu are probably the most fun she could ever have !!