Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lazy days in Naujac

So how do we spend our days here in the Medoc when we are not playing Chess. The first order of the day is of course to go to the bakery just down the road and get some pan-chocolate or croissants and a baguette. One of my preferred options for lunch is to go to Montelivet for some local Oysters

which are opened in front of you

by experts who make it look so easy. If you have ever attempted to open them yourself you know that it is not! Conveniently located right next door is the wine stand.

Good fresh oysters must be accompanied by a dry white wine of course. Nina had four to the amazement of some other patrons. The market in Montelivet is on every day in summer and apart form local food and wine you can buy pottery, clothes, candles and many other things. Perhaps we'll have time to take you for a tour but the best is if you come to check it out yourself. "Marketing" can make you tired and then you need a refreshing swim. Just at the other end of town there is the beach!

It being a weekday the beach was quite empty despite the perfect weather. On the weekends it seems like all of Bordeaux empties and heads here. Montelivet beach is easier to get to than the others in the area as the parking is less than 100 metres from the water. It is also a kid-friendly beach.

And here is something we did not expect to see! There was a circus in town. Not much else, as I said, lazy days :-)

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  1. Good to hear you ! Great snapshots ! Thanx for sharing. mOre chess soon i hope !! Enjoy your time with Miss Nina !!