Friday, 8 July 2011

Pauillac and Vertheuil

Thursday morning was a bit overcast and windy so we thought we would give the beach a miss for one day and go explore the River and maybe a Chateau or two instead. Our first stop was Pauillac.

Pauillac is a tourist town without a doubt. There are a lot of hotels and restaurants, wine stores and a great tourist centre.

Across from the harbour is where most of the action is.

The Harbour.

Pullacher make Germans feel at home? This park is across the road from the tourist office.

Eva busily shopping.

Any one will do :-)

Nina getting into the spirit.
Pauillac is a nice little town surrounded by a lot of famous wineries but not very impressive historically or architecturally. On our way back to Naujac we stopped in at on of the most famous Chateau's, Mouton- Rothchild. I really expected some grandeur there but....

That's it I'm afraid. Big grounds with a lake and lots of storage space. Just goes to show, money can't buy class. After this mild disappointment Francoise noticed a sign on the side of the road advertising an 11th century church. The town is called Vertheuil and is not as well known as St Estephe, Paulliac Margaux etc but deserves your attention if you should be in the area. The church is magnificent. 

The Gregorian chants in the background added considerably to the atmosphere.

A nice place for a peaceful stroll. Now something for Space Cadets.

So I'll end with my little joke of the day. Tomorrow I am going to play in another tournament in Condom. If you don't believe me click here. Should I find wi-fi I'll report. A+

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