Thursday, 24 May 2012

Doeberl cup 1982, part three

Elite Group update
We are ready to go this Sunday. There are still a few places left. Once we reach eight the group will be closed. 

World Chess Championship

Am watching the live transmission from Moscow and listening to Peter Svidler  explain the World Championship game. Draw :(  I was just about to type that it looks like an interesting position.

Doeberl Cup, last two rounds

Back to memory lane. David Ferris retired with an ELO of 2325. I don't know if he still plays social or club Chess at home, which used to be Canberra. Drawing with David was a good result although undeserved. His extra b pawn should have carried the day.

Richard Farleigh was the Star of the Narwee high school Chess team and the most feared Junior in Sydney. Richard was one of the first players I met when I started playing. He once bet me he could beat me 50 games in a row. He got to 49 :)

A few years later the boot was on the other foot. While Richard had wasted his youth earning a degree and building a career, I had concentrated on Chess! He did make it into the BRW 200 list of the wealthiest Australians but his Chess has suffered.

This game demonstrates the "good knight" v "bad Bishop" theme.

End of the tournament patient reader, no more Schwaiger games....for now. 

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