Saturday, 19 May 2012

Doubleroo Chess Academy update


The Website is turning into a bit more of a challenge than first anticipated but should be up sometime next week. This is why you are here if you logged in via  I have kidnapped my Blog for a while until the website is ready. The 1300 number is also suffering a technical glitch and my mobile was left in the rain overnight so is also doing strange things. Remarkably it is still working...kind of. The only ways to reach me for sure is my email
Anyway, despite some minor technicalities we are ready to offer our first course. 

First Course

Elite group:This group is restricted to serious Chess Players and will be limited to eight students(minimum four). Students will learn to calculate, prepare, use Chess software and play in a professional manner. homework and a non-disruptive manner is compulsory.
Sundays 1-5 pm cost $35
Instructor International Master Aleksandar Wohl

Happy News

IM Peter Froehlich (aka Peter Happy) is known to many of you already and has been coaching Chess in Australia for about a decade. He is going on a business trip to China for a week so his courses will commence first weekend of June. Here he is working hard on our office computer.
International Master Peter Froehlich

Alex Schwaiger

Who? Long story, well not that long. My family goes by a few different names.  Dexler, Texler, Wolkenstein, Misner and a few others I may not be aware of. I was the only Wohl until Nina (my daughter) was born in 2006. In my teens my family decided to unite under a common name, that of our stepdad Heinz Schwaiger. The attempt only lasted a year or two and then we all went our separate names but this phase coincided with the early part of my Chess career.  

Recently I found an old box containing all my old score-sheets. Some date back to my junior days and have not been looked at for more than thirty years. Time to digitise them! 

This game was from the first round of the Doeberl cup in 1982. Not an artwork but despite no opposition I played a few moves I am proud of. 13.Ra-e1 shows that already then I liked to play with all my pieces and 16. Kh1 was a forerunner to the famous Kasparov "high class waiting move".

The rest of my games from Doeberl 1982 and Doubleroo Chess Academy updates coming soon, very soon. Have a nice day :-)

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  1. Ha! Nice to meet you, Mr. Schwaiger ... It's so much fun to see what turns up when you have new names to google together.,5996576

    If that link doesn't work, I'll email you a screen grab.