Sunday, 20 May 2012

Gelfand breaks through

World Chess Championship

Finally a decisive result. The game itself was not the most exciting I've ever seen, in fact I fell asleep watching it live. Peter Leko's commentary was partly responsible :-) Karpov made an appearance and showed why he dominated Chess for over a decade. He was my childhood hero

On the official site  you can watch the games live with special guest appearances like Kasparov and Karpov. Doesn't get much better. Chessvibes is my daily first-coffee site and again they have great reports. Youtube has a good video of game 7 commentated by someone who sounds like Michael Caine  (IM Andrew Martin) and for analysis and some interesting gossip go to Susan Polgar's website.

I predict the next few games will be a lot more exciting as Vishy now has to go all out to win a game, otherwise the title he has had since 2007 will be gone. Will the real Vishy please step forward!

More Schwaiger

Two more Schwaiger (aka Wohl) games for you. I am less impressed with this effort against Phil Brown, one of the great NSW players of the period. The opening I will explain in my next post. 29...Qh3 is a move that I would never play these days. Decentralising to be near the white King without any supporting pieces. The misplaced aggression of youth. 

Here in round 3, I was again paired down. Noticable is that again the Queen's Rook ( 15Ra-e1) was activated before concrete operations.

Next post "Hjorth Attack" Toodles   :-)


  1. In know this is flippant and disrespectful, but is Vishy wearing a hair hat? Or maybe his wife is cutting his hair?

  2. Yes, looking at the press conference on the chessvibes site his hair does look like something out of "Saturday Night Fever".