Saturday, 12 May 2012

Doubleroo Chess Academy

We officially opened our doors yesterday! Yay! A Somerville house training tournament was our first event. Somerville house has had a dedicated Chess programme for many years. It shows. The girls are enthusiastic and highly skilled.  Mrs Connie Pizzato and her team of coaches have done an excellent job.
Penny dominated this event with 6/7. I am at home now and didn't bring the results with me so full results will be published next post with results from today's Junior open blitz which starts at 1pm.
Drinks and snacks will be available all afternoon for parents, friends and all chess-players.

In other Chess news, the World Chess Championship has started. So far we have had two extremely boring draws. So boring. If you want to learn how to get as many pieces as possible off the board in the shortest number of moves then check the games out! 


ps: The advertised website in the photo is not quite fully ready :( 


  1. Cool Logo...wonders who did it

  2. Glad you asked, the famous Indian Artist Gaurav Chhabra :-)

  3. Congratulations Alex on opening your Chess Academy! Good luck !

    Best wishes,

    Leonid Sandler

  4. Gratuliere! Viel Gl├╝ck und Erfolg mit der Academy.

    Your Ex-Cousin-in-Law