Friday, 11 May 2012

Rating thieves rob Peninsula open

Last weekend the 47th Peninsula open took place and though I didn't have the time to take part I followed the tournament with some interest. After many adventures IM Steven Solomon and Gene Nakauchi tied for 1st with 6/7 closely followed by Brodie McClymont and Ranga  Mashamhanda half a point behind.

I was more interested how two young students of mine were playing. David Liu rated 388 (!!) began the tournament with a draw against CAQ president Mark Stokes 1610 and finished on 3/7 despite not being in the best of health. His rating might go up a bit :)

Kevin Song rated 1050 finished on 4/7 beating a much higher opponent in a pressure last round game. Even more impressive is that he used all his time and remained focused right to the end. Craig Macgregor swung just as hard in this tactical slug-fest but must have missed the point of 26...Qe3, luring the white bishop to d2, where it interferes with the queens defence of the bishop on c2 allowing 27...Qc5 to win a piece. Enjoy.

Coming up next

Doubleroo Chess Academy opens it's doors tomorrow (22 Mayneview st Milton) at 1pm tomorrow and our first event is going to be a training tournament for Somerville Girls. Sunday 1pm we will be holding a Junior open blitz. Photo report next post, or if you are in Brisbane feel free to drop in.

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