Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sergei Tiviakov wins KL Masters

The palace of the golden horses

 The game was not at our usual venue, the Swiss Inn, but rather the opulent palace of the golden horses. The last round was moved here to accommodate the sponsors Masterskills University, who have been sponsoring chess for quite a few years now. While we were having our last round, the Malaysian championship was having it's first.

The theme continues in grand style inside

The palace is located on a lake in alongside a golf course, many luxury apartments and a shopping mall. Everything is connected by boat. This one looked interesting.

Cute, a boat that looks like a bus !
It is a bus!!
                                                                             The view from the boat

Looks like a great place for a stroll. This would be a nice place to come for a holiday.

Back to the tournament. Sergei Tiviakov showed amazing concentration and will to win, Despite being out of form, his own words, and having several lost positions, including against tail ender Dr GM Wong Meng Kong, he still won easily. Thomas Luther was second and Ricardo Nolte third.

The last day started at 6am for me. Instead of taking the public transport option, walk, train, bus I decided to wake an hour earlier and get driven in comfort. It didn't help much. The hallucinations started early and by move 20 they were already fatal. 

To give you a look inside my melted jelly brain I'll tell you why I played Nd6. I was calculating {ahem} 21.Rg4 but of course that doesn't work because of Rf5 22.Rg5 Rf3 and now I can't take on g7 because it's covered by the bishop. Hence 21.Nd6! which I figured can't be taken...forgetting the rook is still on e5.

Oh well, the bright side is that if I had not lost this game so abysmally I would have been tempted back to the tropics for a tournament sooner.

That's all from Malaysia my friends, next post will come from France.
Adieu mes amis :-)

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