Monday, 21 October 2013

Queensland Inter-schools Chess Final

After many years of coming second, Churchie finally won the Inter-schools and goes through to the final. As usual the competition was quite tense and was not clear until the final round. In the end Churchie cruised home with a two point margin. Full results here.

The Junior competition was just as hard fought with Robertson State School and Somerset college fighting it out for the title and a spot in the nationals. Robertson squeaked home by half a point.

Above Kevin Song faces his former student David Liu who now represents TSS. Kevin beat Leon Lee, board one of Robertson earlier in the event but lost this crucial game. Moral of the story, don't teach anyone how to play chess :-)

Jakob Chan, board one for Kings. They came third and are a team to watch out for in the future.
Pictured below is Jason Wang, collecting his gold for best performance on board two.

Earlier in the week Morningside state school had their first chess competition and it was a roaring success. Not only did the home team win but a lot of their fellow GLC learning schools turned up and had a great time by all reports.

I teach at Morningside once a week so was allowed to stand in the group photo.

Alex Rohweder, pictured below, is the highest rated player at MSS and his parents are instrumental in promoting chess at the school. Here they were busy in the tuck-shop feeding the ravenous hordes. 

Tyson Walker,the D.O.P, patiently explaining that since both sides have many legal moves it cannot be stalemate.  

More to come folks, I have just been a bit busy since my New Zealand "holiday" and in 75 minutes my next class starts... at Morningside :-)

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