Saturday, 5 October 2013

George Trundle Masters Round 8

I almost over-pressed today. I got a little edge out of the opening and then showed my lousy technique again, nearly getting my queen trapped on a7. Instead of 20.Qa7 I should play something quiet like Bf3 or b3. In fact every move after that was not best. I wisely offered a draw after 27.Bh3 as I was a bit worse. Funnily enough his intended 27....f5 28.ef5 Bb8 29.Qa8 Nb6 30. f6!! {Solomon}Qc7 31.Be6 leads to a win for white :-)

I had intended to meet f5 with 28.bc5 with a messy to worse ending.

Meanwhile Steven beat Bob Smith with a Kan Sicilian so is now only half a point behind. Paul Garbett, the other pursuer lost to Athula Russell.

So, if I can avoid defeat tomorrow morning I will be at least equal first. The round has been moved up to before the crack of noon {11am} because SOMEBODY booked Steven and P.K's flights to Nelson too early. I am omitting the name of the responsible party to protect the....guilty!  

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