Thursday, 3 October 2013

George Trundle Masters Round 6

Well after three and a half decades Steven and I are still trading blows. He struck two today. First he beat me with black in 22 moves, reducing my lead to half a point and then to add insult to injury he emptied a jar of super hot chillies into our dinner. Here he is preparing our "feast".

To be fair, I contributed to the morning debacle by not concentrating. And I didn't do any exercise so that can't be the reason today. I did see the best line, which was 13.h3 h4 14.Ne4 but wanted more from the position. Then my original intention 17. Neg5 would have kept the game interesting but I thought better of it until finally blundering with 22.Rc4, a move I had already discounted. Credit where it's due though, Steven played a flawless game today.

Looking at the bright side, now the tournament is more interesting for the spectators :-)

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