Wednesday, 2 October 2013

George Trundle Masters Round 5

Exercise is overrated. I got up this morning and went for a long walk. It felt good to get out and about in the fresh air and Beach Haven is a nice place for it. Let me show you.

This is Island bay, on the northern shore of Auckland.

Its amazing to see how the trees hang on desperately to the cliff face as it gets eroded away.

And then resettle once they slip down to the bottom.

  Oysters growing amongst the mud and rocks, fed by the tide.

No seagull needs to go hungry here.

Well after such an exhilarating walk I felt quite chuffed and my mood improved later when my opponent, Luke, Badly misplayed the opening. It was the best position I had gotten all tournament and I played much too lazily, expecting the position to win itself. They rarely do. Luke was on the increment, having run out of time around move 30 while I had oodles left. Now instead of having a good think and putting it away I started to play quickly and weakly ruining my picket fence. I blame the exercise :-)

Anyway from the pure result point of view drawing with a strong player with black is not so bad and I did get a few undeserved presents earlier in the tournament. Still....

Tomorrow is the crunch game. I play Steven Solomon. If I can score I should be home. I will definitely  not be exercising tomorrow morning :D

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