Monday, 14 April 2014

Bangkok Open 2014 Round 4

At breakfast today I had the pleasure of meeting one of the legends of chess, Grandmaster Eugene Torre. Cherry-picking form his many achievements I will just mention that he was a candidate for the world championship, Asia's first grandmaster, 18 time Olympian and beat Anatoly Karpov when he was world champion. He was also a friend of Bobby Fischer and part of Fischer's team when he defeated Boris Spassky in the match of the century. It is always a pleasure to meet this true gentleman.

Breakfast itself was quite nice and as promised, here are some pictures of the buffet.

All kinds of bread and cakes, croissants etc,

the omelette bar,

cold meats, cheese and wheatgrass,


freshly made asian soup,

and fruit :-)

Then it was time to prepare for my game, have a nap and swim. Unfortunately I did not check the round times carefully enough and turned up just after 2.30 instead of at 2pm. Next I missed with my preparation, played a few weak moves and had to resign at move 25. Not my afternoon :-(

Round 4

My opponent usually plays catalany systems so I was not expecting the main line against my Tigers modern. I suspect preparation. I offered a pawn sack on move 10 to get some activity but unlike my previous opponent in this line GM Khenkin, John Paul did not take it so I played a different one which he did take and I got neither my pawn back nor any activity. My position soon collapsed. 

Well there goes the perfect score, I'll just have to turn up on time tomorrow and play a bit better. All those breakfast buffet pics have made me hungry so I'll bid you adieu. Thanks for dropping by :-)


  1. Photo ambushing Eugene Torre in the buffet line? I don't know what's more exciting. That or swimming in an octagon. Eight sided laps? Looks like a wonderful trip!

  2. Yes, I ambushed him a few times and he was kind enough to share some great stories of times gone by.