Tuesday, 8 April 2014

KL Open Round 6

This morning I was playing a talented young Indonesian player and got surprised in the opening. Deciding what to play just before you start without any preparation is not a good idea and I was not able to solve all the problems over the board. After the game I noticed that stronger players than me had made the same error. 8...Nbd7 is the culprit. C6 is the natural square for the knight. I managed to get a playable position later but had to take the pawn after he played 20.d5 according to my engine (Stockfish) but at the board it just looked too dangerous. Later the game degenerated into a time scramble and I lost a pawn and with it my position collapsed. Nothing to complain about, I just got out-prepared and then outplayed.

Again consolation came in the form of food, today Fatty Crab. This is one of my favourite restaurants in KL so the day ended well. You can't go past Mudcrab cooked in a garlic ginger and chilly sauce.

Or you may prefer grilled prawns with coriander and garlic

Or maybe steamed river fish with lemongrass and other assorted herbs?

Before you run to your fridge have a quick look at the game if you like :-)

Round 6

Tomorrow morning I am facing another talented young Indonesian as my reward so I better have a look at some of his games. Good night folks and don't eat too much :-)


  1. Hello dear Double! I'm finally catching up on my blog reading. As you wrote in a subsequent post, "food to the rescue!" I love it. Question about the shell fish for you. I'm a Maryland girl. (Okay, California girl by way of Maryland). I can enjoy a messy afternoon spent breaking into hardshell crabs with my bare hands. Just keep plenty of Old Bay around and cold lager at the ready (crab feasts are the only time I enjoy lagers over more flavorful beers). ANYWAY, my question is, How did you eat these dishes? With your hands? Because it seems the sauces would make that impractical. WHY WHY WHY don't chefs using sauces de-shell prawns and crab?

  2. We got nutcrackers and hammers so it was quite a messy affair. Luckily we also got finger bowls and napkins. To de shell a crab is not so easy but I guess the main reason is visual. Looks great but very messy :-)

    1. Visual.Hmm.

      Thanks. So glad you've had more fun adventures!