Sunday, 13 April 2014

Rounds 2 + 3

Amazingly I managed to escape the dreaded double round (with 9am morning round) day unscathed. Both were quite scrappy games where I hung in there a bit longer.

Round 2

I misplayed the opening somewhat and my 14...f6 is a woeful attempt to avoid simplification after which I am just worse. My opponent repaid the favour with 22.Ne5 after which my problems vanish. The heavy piece ending is just better for black.

Round 3
Again I tried to be clever in the opening and got nowhere although I thought my position looked good. I only got into trouble after 41. Qd5 which leads to a horrible ending but my young opponent was to eager to penetrate with his King and ended up in a mating net. Lucky.

Well so for the first time in ages I have 3/3 and should have escaped the Piranha tank, so tomorrow I expect to be swimming with the sharks and there are some White Pointers in this tournament so please wish me luck. Luckily all the rest are single rounds in the afternoon (apart from the last round) so I will have no excuses :-)

Tomorrow you will get some pictures :-)