Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Round 7

Round 7

Well today went well up to a point. My opponent got the move order wrong with 7...Be6 instead of Be7. I was wondering what the difference was and found the remarkable 8.d4 according to the principle of opening the centre should your opponent neglect to castle quickly enough. I did spend too much time on double checking everything considering how I've been playing and that meant that I missed a few instant wins around move 25 onwards. By about move 30 we were both playing on the 30 second increment.Then in a position where I am simply winning, +5 according to stockfish, I just forgot to move! Any move would have done.

Oh well, at least the tournament is nearly over :-)

Now I will go have some lunch and hopefully tomorrow will be different. Thanks for putting up with my whinging :-)

btw, you can follow the rest of the tournament on www.klchess.com

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