Friday, 8 July 2016

Bunkers of World War Two in Le Pin Sec and round 8


Over the years I have taken a lot of pictures of these bunkers and they change every year. They are battered by the elements and enhanced by local artists. This year the sand was high so a lot of them were quite low and it was not possible to walk inside. Also they were adorned with some new graffiti.

After the photo's we had a swim in the cool Atlantic. The waves were perfect for body surfing although this is a rare sport here. There are quite a few surfing schools but they all use boards. Wimps! :-)  

From the top of the dunes one can see the bunkers lining the beach.

Fresh water oozes from the bottom of the dunes creating a little ecosystem.

The closest bunker to the swimming area.

The other side.

This one is nearly under the sand now. They disappear and come back when storms wash the sand away.

The shade was on the other side so why spoil my photo?

There be Dragons!

One can still go inside this one.

This bunker is a different shape. The command centre?

Slowly but surely the sea is taking them apart.

Nina liked the Shark.

German Sheppard on guard duty?

Looks like half the mural is buried.

Gregor the surfing Dragon :D

Last one for today, thanks for looking.

Round 8

The target practice has started. Only Pablo Olliers is having some trouble. When I left he was in an unclear position against a determined 1900. There is hope :-)

My game was uneventful. My opponent had to jettison a pawn to get out of the bind and never got any counterplay, eventually losing on time. I guess that saved me some moves.

So one more round to survive (9am), a few bottles if I'm lucky and then back home. Tune in tomorrow for the final report. Toodles.

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