Thursday, 7 July 2016

Doubleroo gastronomic and accommodation review & Round 6

The new accommodation sponsor for the annual wine tournament is the Western Village camping and equestrian centre. While it doesn't have quite the chess family feel about it that Camping La Rochade had, it is nevertheless a nice place to stay. The grounds are very well kept and there is a plethora of activities, especially for kids.  

The office looks like the main bar in Tombstone and has a western themed counter at the reception. All kinds of wild west paraphernalia decorates the walls. 

There is a Main street with familiar names like Wells & Fargo and a Marshalls office (bike rental) and places to tether horses.

Water tower and wind pump.

And of course horses and ponies. They have riding courses, ponies for little kids and rides along the beach and through the forest.

The size of the Camping ground is quite amazing. This is the Indian village with tipi's that sleep eight! 

We are staying in one of there two bedroom mobile homes with bathroom and toilet. Very comfy.

If you are in the area I can definitely recommend this place, especially if you are into horses or Glamping. The bathrooms are spotlessly clean and the facilities are first class. The swimming pool is large and quite nice although with the lake and ocean nearby...

My only reservation is the shop. Two things annoyed me, one has to order croissants ahead of time and they don't stock full cream milk. Not a huge problem, there is a great bakery just a few minutes bike ride up the road in Hourtin and a fridge in our mobile home.

Round 6

I must stop playing total **** in the opening.  Had my opponent played 18. Re5, sacking the exchange I would have been really suffering. Instead he exchanged into a pawn up ending and offered a draw. Since I thought I could probably hold it (Karpov quote), I played on and on move (44.Bd6) he blundered, allowing me to trap his king on h6. 

We spent the evening watching the quarter finals of the Euro2016 football, first in the Bar L'escale which has a brilliant pizzeria next door and you can eat it in said bar. Really one of the best pizzas anywhere. Doubleroo gastronomic review gives it 5 stars, our highest possible rating.

Later amigoes, gotta go exploring :-)

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