Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Open De Vins 2016 round 5

I woke up at 7.30am this morning (never a good idea) and walked down to the camping shop to buy some Pain Chocolate. The store opens early and gets a delivery form the local bakery. They had many trays of Croissants, Raisin swirls and Chocolate Pockets but I was unable to buy any as they were all reserved! Apparently you have to place an order. Very annoying.

So on my bike I hopped and made my way to the bakery, only barely avoiding a collision with a pedestrian. As I left I noticed lots of people near the Church so thought I'd go and check it out.

Hourtin is a traditional little town and has a Church in the centre square. In summer it is surrounded by a market with lots of local produce. At least no moneychangers :-)

Fruit and vegie stalls, butchers, cheese sellers, roast chicken, clothes, everything but candle stick makers. Maybe I missed them. 

Lunch was Oysters at the Montavivet markets, which were accessible today, being a Tuesday. We bought some Brebis blue cheese from the Basque region after tasting their offerings, had some Belgian chips and finished off with Arcachon Oysters and some local young white wine.

Unfortunately when we got back our area of the campsite was being trimmed so we had to have Linner (between Lunch and Dinner) with whipper-snipper music in the background.

And what about preparation? Not while I'm on holidays please!

Round 5

After much success with Larsens opening my run has come to an end. There was no problem with the opening and Stockfish gives me an advantage after 11.e4, which is the logical move, continuing to gain space. My artificial play was not disastrous but I had to play 16.Bh3. 17...Ne5 would have finished me immediately but Antoine waited a bit and played it on move twenty where it was even stronger.

Yes, a bad game and my first loss since round two of the Doeberl cup and thoroughly deserved. Less "creativity" is called for in the last four rounds.

So not a great day but they can't all be good. At least the tournament is exciting again for the spectators :-(

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