Thursday, 7 July 2016

Open de Vins 2016 Round 7

We went to the Montalivet markets again, had a nice swim and bought some very nice food. I did manage to get a quarter of an hour of superficial preparation in but it was no great help. The game itself was my worst for quite a while.

Round 7

My first suspect decision came as early as move eleven when I played 11... Qg4 instead of the natural 11...Bg4. My thinking was that since endgames had gone well for me lately I would swap Queens early. Don't ask me why I changed my mind two moves later. My very next move 14...Bc3 was just a disaster after which good play from a strong young player, Pablo, was enough to make me look like a beginner.

The top seed lost as well so the titled players have all played each other with Antoine Favarel leading on 6.5/7, Pablo Ollier on 6/7, me on 5/7 and Paul Velten on 4.5/7. So now there's just two rounds of target practise left and unless one of us shoots themselves in the foot these should be the final standings. Mind you, all of us have bullet holes in our feet :-) Will keep you informed.

Tonight all of France was watching the Germany-France half final in the  Euro2016 soccer tournament. The atmosphere was very lively with lots of painted faces, flags, cheering and of course drinking. France won 2-0 so German tourists and those that spoke German or could be mistaken for Germans weren't lynched. Phew! 

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