Sunday, 3 July 2016

Montalivet Markets, Soccer & Round 2

When the tournament schedule was announced it was not known that France would play Iceland in the quarter final of Euro 2016 so before the first round the players were asked if we minded playing an hour earlier. This is absolutely normal here and nobody objected. The repercussions were that we didn't really have enough time to eat oysters at the Montalivet markets because it was packed. Sunday, the first week of July and so on.

Round 2

Once again I tried to be too creative and deserved to go down in a screaming heap but lady luck was with me. of course I had to play the planned 17...Bc4 but at the last moment noticed that white had the clever exchange sac 18.Ne4 with plenty of compensation. much better than the garbage that eventuated. White still had a strong attack but material as well.

30. Bh8 and then 31.Be4 would have put me out of commission. Instead he took the exchange and allowed my two passed pawns to create havoc. I was happy about 59...Nf5 though :-)

I was one of the last to finish, the only puishment I got for my reckless play attempting to finish quickly so I can watch the football. There was still enough time to eat some dinner before the match. The bar was full of French supporters and I got strange (but friendly) looks when I was the only one cheering Icelands two goals. It may not go so well for me if I cheer German goals in the semi's on Thursday :D If you don't hear from me on Friday you will know why :D :D

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