Monday, 5 December 2016

Japfa IM tournament Jakarta 2016 Round 2

Did I ever mention that I hate morning rounds? Well today I was reminded of why. I got the opening and position I wanted but did not have the energy to calculate so just played a few that'll do moves. On move 18 I felt I should play ...f5 but didn't feel like calculating everything so settled for the lazy ...cd4. This was followed by the tempo gifting 19...Qb6 instead of finishing my development with ....Rc8. Now black was worse and needed to start defending accurately with something like 25...Bc6 26.Rc6 Be5 but it was simpler to just let myself get mated.

Gotta give credit where its due though, my opponent played well and took full advantage of my slack moves. Time for lunch, whirlpool, swim etc and prepare for the afternoon round.

Btw, you can follow the rest of the tournament on Chess results website.  

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