Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Japfa International Masters Jakarta 2016 Round 3

Photo by Peter Long (stolen without permission)

My afternoon game has entertainment value. It may hold some record for the most amount of one move blunders by a titled player but still winning the game. Here is a small sample.

1. 17.e5 I completely overlooked that after 17...cb5 black is covering f6. I thought I was just winning. Strangely enough Stockfish gives it as the best move but that is just dumb luck.

2. 25. Bh3?? simply overlooking 25....Bg4. Instead 25. Bd5 gives me the position I wanted with  a  
nice little edge due to blacks weak pawns.

3. 37.Re7 really takes the cake, blundering one of my two extra pawns to a simple capture. Yes I know, checks and captures...Groan.

This was enough to put the game into the draw zone and if my opponent had played 44...Kf6 instead of h6, I suspect I would not have won this game. Luckily I found 49.f4!, probably my only decent move of the game. There was still time to blunder as I had planned to play my King to g8 to threaten b8Q followed by Rh7 mate. The fly in the soup is that b8Q is met by Rook takes b8 check!!!

Double groan....luckily I saw it in time and played the king to a8 instead. Can I trade my brain in for a reconditioned one?

Time to head off to the Bar. Apparently there is a band playing and I need a beer after such a gruelling day. Hasta manjana amigoes 😀

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