Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Japfa International Masters Tournament Jakarta 2016 Round 4

I have been having a hard time of late with my offbeat opening repertoire so I decided to play main line central stuff...up to a point. 7...Re8 and 8...Bf8 is not exactly standard but before move twenty I already had a significant advantage. My opponent was also down to a few minutes plus increment.

I know this trick. If you have a bad position, get into bad time pressure and hope that your opponent will join you in a blitz game. I told myself this was happening, to calm down and just play normally....but I couldn't help myself. There was only one trick in the position and that was to answer 22...Nd5 with 23.e4. So naturally I blitzed out Nd5. Luckily it does not lose instantly, in fact black is still better but white is back in the game.

This would have been a good time to settle down and use some of my 40 minutes but blitz is too much fun!

Later my opponent missed 37.Bg8!! and white wins. Oh well, at least I survived a black. Always look on the bright side of life..dumb dumb..

Now its time for lunch, a swim and then the afternoon round. Tomorrow is a "rest" day. Only one round. Am too old for this s**t.

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