Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Bikeway to Hell

Well the Epic journey started yesterday. I arrived in Norway at 3pm and went straight to Hell. Don't believe me, think I am speaking figuratively, in tongues? Well here is proof.

I then bought a tent at the local sports shop and headed north. Cycling in Norway is a lot different from the Medoc or Holland or Germany. Although beautiful the country is very hilly and carrying about 15kg of luggage does not make it any easier. I spent the first night at a Camping place on a lake in the middle of nowhere. Next lesson. Always carry some food with you when Biking. It's not as vital as Water but there are places where you cannot get any food. This morning I got up bright and early, and hungry, and headed to Asen .A few klicks up the Road (E6) I saw an Ice cream cone cardboard-cutout. Strangely enough it was a Candle factory but served Coffee and Ice cream as well as other sweets.
 In Asen I was advised to take a Bike road to Levanger. This was a tough and hilly hike but the countryside was picture postcard. An example perhaps?
And my "Vehicle"

Did I mention that it drizzles incessantly? At least that keeps the temperature down. After Levander and Lunch the going got easier and by evening I reached Steinkjer. I am now at the Guldbergaunet Camping ground . This one is very civilized with free Wi-fi everywhere and all the facilities. A steal at only 140 NOK a night. More next time I have Wi-fi or I figure out how to connect via my phone. I figured out today how to transfer pictures to the laptop so progress is being made :-) 

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