Sunday, 25 July 2010

Good food exists in Norway!

I am now in Bodo in a fantastic Cafe, the Paviljongen. Pink Floyd is playing "wish you were here", I am drinking a local beer called Bayer (?!) and feasting on a tagiatella with shrimps, crab tails, sundried tomatoes, capsicum and spanish onion. My first good meal since arriving in Norway.

I left Vennesund rather late and headed to Bronnoysund 49km away. The Camping in Vennesund was next to an old trading station and was run by a friendly old couple with little foreign language skills.
Just make sure you don't have to eat there. It was a bright sunny day yet cool and breezy, perfect for Biking yet for some reason I had no strength in my legs. I had to stop frequently for rest and food but nothing helped. First was a little town called Vik which is charming enough but the Museum is just funny. Basically somebody just raided their Grandma's place and put all the rubbish she didn't want anymore on display, or maybe she passed on. As usual there was great scenery along the way but I was less able to fully appreciate it due to the pain in the legs and elsewhere.

I got to Bronnoysund too late for the ferry to Vega because again I had failed to plan ahead. This is becoming a habit. I then found out that the good ship Hurtigruten calls just after midnight so not seeing a good alternative I decided to skip Vega this time and go straight to Bodo.
As I realized today that was a very good decision. I had greatly under estimated the size of the Lofoten islands and am actually in a bit of time trouble. The Nordlys is a Cruise-ship that goes up and down the coast of Norway between Bergen and Kirkenes for the Hurtigruten Company. It is comfortable enough with a great breakfast but I was disappointed that there was no Wi-fi aboard as I had been told there would be. Apparently only on the newer ships. Oh well.   Tomorrow I am taking the express boat to Svolvaer and I hope that after a days break I will have my legs back because I really need them now to make the first round on time :-)

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