Friday, 23 July 2010

Oh what a Perfect day

The Sun was shining today and the breeze was cool. Best day for Cycling ever. I spent the morning drying some more things and frying fish that a German had given me the previous evening. Two families had been coming to Leka for the last five years to fish. They had a freezer full to take back home. As it turns out Leka is famous for fishing the wall of the freezer room is full of Trophy-Pictures. So after an early Lunch with this view
After Brunch I headed off to the Leka Museum 

where I received a guided tour from Julie and Rune. Behind them you see some old fishing Boats and inside there are many relics of a way of life gone by

And last but not least some fossilized Whale bones. I could write a whole Blog just on the exhibits, like the remains of a German WW2 Bomber, Mines, Farm machinery etc but come see it all for yourself. Here is what remains of the Whale
I then caught the ferry to Gutvik losing a Glove in the process (my third Pair so far) and headed to Holm. The scenery on the way was breathtaking.

The next one took some work. I had to do quite some climbing so I hope you appreciate it :-)
It's past Midnight now, still light but time for me to get to Bed and rest before visiting another Island. Goodnight

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  1. ...on connait ses classiques :))) salut Lou ou vieux loup solitaire ??? :)))
    La photo de Kjersti, limite du pro, presque une carte postale, trop typique, j'adore