Monday, 12 July 2010

Rainy day in Leiden

Well folks, it's raining, my TV is not working and I'm bored. I arrived on Amsterdam from Munich by Night-train on Friday morning 9am. From there I rode to Leiden on my Bike. Some lessons learned, getting out of Amsterdam without a map is not so easy. That took 2 hours. Next lesson, ALWAYS have a lot of water with you before a long bike ride especially on a hot day.I eventually got here at 2pm. I hope to improve on that rate ( 35km in 5 hours) in the coming months. Anyway due to too much red wine and Laziness I never got to finish my Naujac Beach series so here are a few more Pics.
 Montelivet Beach hosts a Bike Rally every Year so it can get quite noisy on the weekends. There is also a huge market where you can buy fresh Oysters, Wine and a plethora of other local delicacies.
The tournament was won by Merijn Van Delft with 7/9. A great performance considering the fact that he is a professional football player :-)
To finish off here is Nina enjoying Hourtin Beach. So within 10-15 minutes drive of Naujac there are three nice Beaches all with a distinctive Charm.

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