Thursday, 29 July 2010

Svolaer to Andenes

It has been a wireless-free zone between these two towns but now I am at the Andenes tourist informaton place with free wi-fi so all is ok again. The first day was raining and uneventful but I made the 77km just to finish at Norways worst Camping in Sortland. Expensive, no even ground and none of the facilities worked. I could go on ad-infinitum but sufice it TO say that if you are ever in the area you are better off Camping wild. At least you will find even ground. the day did have one highlight. Smile or frown?
I was feeling a bit low on energy the next day to begin with but solved that problem with a stop at a Cafe and a heavy lunch followed by Waffles with Cloudberries. Not a bad view either.

It was at this Cafe that I met Bjorn from Denmark 

and we decided to ride together for a while. This is him later that evening warming himself by the fire. Being a fit young man he was very tolerant of a slow fat Aussie desperately trying to keep up the pace. Actually his speed on his one-gear bike means I will make the tournament on time as we made up a day. I contributed by making a Mushroom Risotto with some Boletus Edulis I had found earlier in the afternoon.  
After Coffee this morning we headed to Andenes, again at a brisk pace, past some spectacular beaches and mountains. 
And now I have to go shopping because the only food left is some cheese from Andoys best little Cheese-producer Nordtun Gard. This is May Johannessen showing off her wares.
Until the next wi-fi folks, have a nice day :-)


  1. ...boletus yes, edulis for sure no (send Christophe the photo and he will confirme), cu you maybe in automne for some professionnel mushrooming :-)))))))

  2. Correct. Here is the correct name.

  3. for me on what I can see on the picture where they are on your bike more boletus felleus than reticulatus (the foot)...they were good ?????

  4. actually it seems they might be "Leccinum rufescens" according to Harald Klaeboe, a Norwegian Mushroom connoisseur.

  5. "connoisseur" la classe tu parles en vieux francais :-))))) sinon plus actuel "connaisseur"...oupsss c'est de l'anglais en fait connoisseur, yep was thinking about leccinum rufescens too even if very pales...maybe leccinum testaceoscabrum ???