Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The "Clever Dick" and Lichen Planus.

I will admit that I am easily amused but this little tool is so compact and practical that I am immediately adding it to my essential travelling items.
You start with your "Clever Dick" and a lemon or lime. You then screw the Clever Dick into the citrus fruit of your choice and Presto!
A bottle of Lime juice!!
The Byron Market on alternate Sunday's is the largest in the area so naturally there are more entertainers here. These Guys were great.  

Nothing like a bit of Spanish Music to get me in the mood for the "playa" and we have a magnificent one here.
Presenting Wategos , just a few minutes drive south, under the famous Byron Lighthouse   .

I have not been doing much apart from visiting markets, going to various beaches and country drives. My health scare is over, I got the results back from my Biopsy last week and now know that I do not have Cancer but rather "Lichen Planus" which is apparently a relatively harmless skin inflammation which has no known cause and therefore no treatment but goes away all by itself in between a few weeks and a few years.
Good News!


  1. Hon,
    I had no idea you were having such a scare. A few weeks or years is too dern long to wait for a cure !! I have a colleague in Germany who has something to help with that. When you get home,let's chat about these wonderful natural products that could rid you of this toute suite!!