Friday, 22 April 2011

A very good Friday with BB.King

Mullum Markets 

Friday started with a Coffee and a visit to Mullum farmers market, 8-11 am every Friday. When your day starts with a good coffee and a smile from a pretty girl.....

Then it was off to 
Akouna Matata Chess Club

Justin (left) and Jhassan are two local friends who love a game. the Venue is Jhassans treehouse. The Club meets whenever the "energy" is right.

This is the waiting room. 

and the living room. After a few games and lunch I went to the beach and enjoyed the best body-surfing waves I had seen in decades Sorry, no waterproof camera so no pictures. The highlight of the day was however yet to come.


Regrettably I am having problems uploading the Videos I made but will do so when I get to a better connection or Blogger fixes the bug, whichever is responsible. BB. King is a bit like the Korchnoi of music. As soon as he hit the stage the audience went into raptures and exploded into applause every time he played a chord or made an expression.  Before BB I had the great pleasure to listen to the "Blind Boys of Alabama". Afterwards a few songs from Grace Jones rounded off a thoroughly pleasant evening. more from the Bluesfest soon, hopefully with Video :-)

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  1. Love the tree house !! How fun and relaxing.Sounds like a perfect day with beach in the afternoon ! Wish I"d been with you !!
    hope to see the videos.