Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Flying High

For many years now traffic has been a problem in Byron Bay. At busy times of the year there is a many kilometer long line of Cars moving at a snails pace along Ewingsdale rd. The discussion on this issue has been going on as long as I can remember. An overview of some of the issues is here but rest assured that endless other studies have and will be done. Meanwhile, April 2011, the traffic crawls at a snails pace polluting the air of environmentally conscious Byron.   There is however a solution 

Helicopter travel does cut down your travel time considerably and the view is great.

The downsides 

a lot of safety checks  

and parking :-)

Naturally for longer distances you will want a Jet.

Is there a faster way to spread the revolution? 

The view of Sydney Harbour always takes my breath away. It is in my view the worlds most beautiful city.

The inner city changes radically every time I visit. The mix of old and new can seem a bit odd at times. 

While in Sydney I visited Chess discount sales. Peter Parr had a chess shop/centre when I started playing chess in 1978 and has been in the CBD since then. Now he is retiring and is selling everything at least 30% off. I suspect he wants to reignite his professional playing career. I am sure he would have a better chance of winning the NSW State Ch now than in 1978! 
I was able to solicit Peter's opinion on the Ballarat Fide ratings issue (see previous post). If I understood him correctly he thinks it should not be and probably won't be rated. Greg Canfell (Fide ratings officer) hopes it will be rated this time because the ACF has stopped a similar event from ever getting rated again. The ACF executive obviously supports the rating  of the event having submitted it to Fide.
 I must admit that I am confused by the issue. How Fide will react is a coin-toss. 


  1. Love the photos Alex of Sydney and seeing your brother !! Looks like you've had a fabulous trip ! Can't wait to hear and see the next chapter !!
    Won't wear the Che in Cuba,will you ? !!!

  2. The revolutionary lifestyle is great - as long as you can travel 1st class!